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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Palm Springs and San Francisco!

Hello all,

Sorry it's been so long since our last post. We've had a very busy month with trips to both Palm Springs and San Francisco to visit the Nicolopulos side (Jamie's side of the family) and introduce Jack Ryan. He absolutely loved spending so much time in Palm Springs with Nonnie and Nonno and Big Nonnie (Jamie's Nonnie). He loved the water - as did Bentley!
Then San Francisco was a great visit for the rest of my family to finally meet Jack. He turned 3 months old while on our trip and I just can't believe how much time flies. He weighs 15 lbs. now and is 26 inches long! He is a big boy for 3 months... he is starting to sit-up (almost on his own) and is starting to enjoy tummy time more and more. He pushes himself up on his belly and looks up to see the world around him. He especially loves the Baby Einstein videos that Nonnie bought for him.

Here are some pictures of him in the water and with family...